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Recorded with ONE $5 microphone, the 11 all but originals just blowin away and spit the bootleg agent orange right on your skin. It starts of with “Cut it down”, a MC5-style rocker and ends on Side A shuts down with DEAD MOON, fireside accoustic going off duty “It Ain’ t Fun (in the City of the Whiplash)”. Inbetween you will witness a punk meltdown, pick your grave left or right of early SPACESHITS (“Occipital Neuralgia”), KAJUN SS (” I am the Enemy”) or stinking fish! On the B-Side run, the jaytard joy of Single A-Sides goes on, with some only-the-GINO & THE GOONS-can-do-it smashers, more weirdo garage rockn’n’ roll of those STEVE MCQUEEN wannabees and pots and pans proto-punk with some occasional drunken ramblings. On top, those Matadors of Trash unveil “Nowhere To Go” as if REAL KIDS play an unwritten PACK song. Magic mushroom mastering by James O´Toole of TOTALOUTTACONTROLLER and additional nitpicking vinyl mastering by A-HULEHULE and helpless BARRATO in Berlin. Limited to 300 copies.

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