ROTTEN MIND – Fading Into Oblivion LP


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Rotten Mind returns with their third album “Fading Into Oblivion”. Darker with more post-punk influences. The young swedes have left an impression with their first snotty album ‘Im Alone Even With You’ and their second same titled album released just a bit over a year ago. Rotten Mind have since their last release toured Europe and Australia and will once again head out on the road with their new album!

There is a bleak loner persona over Rotten Mind. A feeling about outgrowing and exceeding in both integrity and elegance. An impression that dwells in the shadows and embraces the nightfall. The premonition of an unconcerned world that is reflected in the savage energy that is Rotten Mind ingenuity. There is only a small steep between the post-punk expressions and the fateful Goth melancholy. It´s there somewhere in a modernized 80´s versatility between UK-acts as The Vibrators, The Adverts and US-bands as Christian Death and T.S.O.L that we will find the dark and energetic Swedes in Rotten Mind. A band that at the same time perhaps is best to set side by side with contemporary acts as Crusades, Iceage, Radioactivty, Metz or High Tension Wires. – Lovely Rec.

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