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Before I even begin, I want to be equitable with you and admit that this record is right up my alley. Pig Sweat commences from Bern, Switzerland, and this self-titled album is also their initial offering to the broader audience. The recording comprises of twelve energetic hardcore punk numbers that will probably leave you speechless. Of course, if you’re profoundly into pure hardcore punk sound. This record provides a straightforward approach to the genre without sounding repetitious throughout the album, and intense musicianship includes even more entertainment showcased through the brief compositions.

Pig Sweat nurtures recognizable eighties hardcore punk sound, characteristic for the renowned groups such as Black Flag, Germs, Stalag 13, Poison Idea, Necros, but also similar to Agent Attitude or perhaps Wasted Time. Their sonic appearance contains menacing, abrasive, fierce riffages that evoke specific intimidating eighties hardcore scene. The production entirely follows these aesthetics during the entire vinyl and vividly transcends the retro atmosphere. These guitar shreddings freshen up this spectacular genre with some unique ideas that may occur familiar at some points, but unquestionably innovative considering the longevity of this genre. The delicate low-end tones graciously saturate furious guitars with clearly hearable basslines. The bass guitar also keeps the direct approach without any hidden virtuosities, but it’s more than obvious that’s the sole intent of the band. On the other hand, the exceptional drumming performance bursts with maniacal dynamics over the entire recording. These acrobatics float rhythmically within the hardcore punk circles, perfectly mimicking the performance heard on the vast portion of remarkable eighties hardcore punk records. Pig Sweat retain velocious, fully energized, and brutally fierce from scratch to finish.

Seriously, this self-titled record sounds radical enough like it’s recorded during the era when ollie was the coolest thing you can possibly perform on skateboard. If you’re into late seventies Californian hardcore punk, but solely admire mid-eighties Portland hardcore scene, this vinyl is the perfect choice for you. It embraces all the vital elements of abrasive hardcore punk onto one giant amalgam. Plus it’s decorated with the meaningul cover artwork comprised of a naked cop enjoying the cocktail. Can’t get better than that. The vinyl comes as a collaboration between Goodwill Records, Incredible Noise Records, and Rinderherz Records. – Thought Words Action (Juli 2020)

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