LES HATEPINKS – Sauerkrank/ Opupo 4 LP


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Olivier “Escobar” Gasoil from Marseille is “sauerkrank”, obsessed with NDW, early Teutonic punk gems and the German language in general. 16 years after the last regular studio album (not counting the “Stork Club” live intermezzo), now twelve new HATEPINKS cynicisms on an electro/wave/punk basis. The resurrection with part 4 of the “Oupupo” series. Ritalin’n’Razors! Manic-obsessive, highly detailed, heavily irritating and highly entertaining at every second. Would you like “Dernier Kebab”? Or would you prefer “(Scheiß) Milch und (Scheiß) Zucker”? The songs are sung in French, English and again and again in pidgin German. FOYER DES ARTS meets SCREAMERS, STARSHOOTER and METAL URBAIN in an alcohol-filled Moulinette. Shredded, not shaken.

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