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Lost Weekend is Jack Oblivian’s 8th solo album and is mostly comprised of early versions of Jack’s songs and instrumentals as they were recorded in his apartment. Jack talks about how the record came about in a recent interview with Memphis filmmaker, Mike McCarthy: Mike: What is the history of the songs and how do they break down on previous releases? Jack: In the past years around 2009 or 10 or something like that I wanted to make a mix tape as a cassette release and call it “After Party.” I wanted to record an 8-track tape of songs also as a sort of alternative. The whole concept was anything that was recorded in the apartment where I live now – and have been living for a long time – whether it was me playing on it or not. Usually I am playing on everything. That was the ultimate thing and out of that idea I ended up making a cassette of the music I did. Three years ago, I pressed-up 200 cassettes of almost an hour long set with just these random instrumentals and songs that ended up being on other records somewhere. Ultimately, I narrowed the “LOST WEEKEND” LP down to the better stuff from the tape. I cut out a lot of stuff that was really noisy.

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