HECKSPOILER – Synthetik Athletik LP


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“Heckspoiler are those kind of friends, you don’t want to have over for your parents’ Christmas dinner That would be kind of weird, and weird, in all of its conceptual duality is sort of part of the Program, not only at Noise Appeal Records, but also at our latest Label signing. Welcome Heckspoiler. Normally this would be the start of the usual press text farts and blurbs, but that won’t work in this case. For reasons. For everyone who has seen Heckspoiler performing live before, we don’t have to explain ANYTHING more. And since there are limitations within the natural language that defines the boundaries of what is to be described, we therefore try a different approach. How are you? What’s the matter? Bass, Drums, Shut up! It is more or less difficult to be explained: Delete the cliché you have in mind regarding duos, forget dialect music and German texts and say goodbye to your Top10. Everything must go! Now boot “Synthetics athletics” on your disk and restart. We rarely heard something more refreshing, pure, and above all, got more honest song material than that piece of music delivered by Kim Tom Gun and Zlatko San. »Voda im Hümmi, erlöse mich!« Can you hear the jogging pants dancing? Music is not celebrated for its own sake here. Of course, you will be almost physically punched in your face, which is obvious in some parts (VW bus rolled over Hamster), in other parts it’s more metaphysically but always refreshingly different. Different than all the musically secured patterns in your own head would allow you to expect. This is simply a hit album. Every song is strong, every song makes sense. “Synthetic athletics” is exceptional. My bus is chip tuned! The relevance of Heckspoiler does not result from the sum of the walls, in which they move musically, genre boundaries are torn apart tearless, no – the relevance results from the sum of the parts flaunt by Heckspoiler on „Synthetic athletics“. Humanism that has become music, a touch of anarchy, honesty cast in songs and while self-copying genre colleagues overload their lyrics with sniveling hints and metaphoric mumbo-jumbo that only lead themselves to absurdity, Heckspoiler are always sharp with an extraordinary accuracy in text and music, always thinking topics consistently an end: »Wenigstens bin i ka gschissene Nazi-Sau wie du!« Na nanana nanana: Heckspoiler, Straight outta Almtaler Einfamilienhaus-Ghetto! For everyone searching for an adaptation of well-known success formulas, in superlatives embedded self-lust, or just bands that don’t have anything to say at all – You won‘t get happy here! For everyone else: don’t you worry, everything is very “Leiwand”!”

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