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“Five guys from Münster, only a few chords but enough words to make you forget the lack of it. Noise? Yes, please! Parts of the band have already played or still play with the Hidden Charms, Steve McQueens and the Grizzly Adams Band. In the meantime, they have moved away from the pure garage sound to more post and more punk. Synthesis? Why not? Years later this record brings Chief Recordings & My Ruin back together on the inlay. And it’s worth it. Each cover is handstamped, unique. The edition is limited. The young Distelmeyer railed against the “”human”” error in his own system. Male, Östro 430 but more Ätzer 81 and The Shocks. A destructive chainsaw, beats. A heavy veil of anger. Chaos. “Not the „Neue deutsche Welle“. 80s punk, but the good one“, Torben from duesenjaeger This album is pressed on black vinyl with an inlay in LP format and download code via Bandcamp.

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