DECIBELLES – Rock Francais LP


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DECIBELLES is a group from Lyon, France, created in 2006 by Sabrina Duval and Fanny Bouland, and joined a few years later by Guillaume Carle. A visceral sound, captivating music that detonates an explosion of dB, a sound shock engulfing you in a wave of DECIBELLES.

Rock Français is a sulphurous album out of the foundation of Steve Albini’s temple, the last big factory of indie-rock and final bastion of the analog to Chicago, the Electrical Audio Studio. A 100% French Album produced in Chicago.

More than just a production, ROCK FRANCAIS is an authentic album by its interpretation and its old school production, making sense on the analog tapes of the Chicagoan studio.

“So these are more spontaneous, more lively pieces that didn’t ask for a lot of work in post-production. We wanted to be real, to be closer to reality in what is complex and ambiguous, to accept that live music, that it accelerates, that it slows down, in short that it is made by humans and not by machines. The sound is raw, with more noise but without useless ornaments. There are songs that groove, others that are more incisive. Songs that takes their time, and others more immediate.” -Fanny

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