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From the depths, the fallen souls emerge from the otherworld and discover the hypra massive structure of domination. The dimension of technology is such that its origin gradually becomes a myth, giving rise to new divinities. Among these sects, some dive through the mysteries of life and death, and scan the cybernetic heavens to find answers about the infinite and the afterlife. Others meet in the vaults of doom to invoke the dark spirits of darkness… Nobody has ever seen the face of domination. Who are these spirits who decide our fate? Is it our faith in our infinite beliefs, or is it our omniscient science that will save our souls?

Pressed on heavy 180g vinyl and housed in black poly-lined innerbags, this ultraclear vinyl with purple blob and splatter will ship aside of its 350 gsm cover inside a PVC overbag to ensure a safe trip to your vinyl player.

Gewicht 1.002 kg
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