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CURSED – II – their legendary 2nd full length LP (fanclub)

The funny thing about Cursed’s sophomore album is that it only got better in retrospect. Granted, at the time of release it was still critically praised, yet after the proverbial ‘bullet to the head’ that ended the band once and for all, a certain level of stardom was placed on Cursed, II, and all their albums henceforth. Now, years later, it isn’t impossible to say that while all of Cursed’s discography is highly cherished throughout the community, II stands out from Cursed’s previous and subsequent work. The simple answer as to why this is is that it’s a representation of a band not only finding their potential and running with it, but taking a leap of faith, in terms of progression, that pales in comparison to nearly every other hardcore band out there. The level of maturity that Cursed grew in between their debut to this album is astonishing, in that it took every aspect that made them such a visceral, sonically assaulting band, and streamlined it into a much more cleanly packaged sound, yet not sacrificing any of the raw attitude that their first album had. As a matter of fact, II could be considered one of the most evil sounding hardcore albums ever tracked out. Whether it could be its heavy, sludge-like atmosphere that constantly permeates into every song, or the emotionally unbalanced, pissed off sound of vocalist Chris Colohan; II isn’t the sonically dissonant mess that I was, or the chaotic sound of III, but a more stream lined record. Yet, because of this aspect, it makes II all the more better.

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