LOST BALLOONS – Liquor Store / Dirty Sandy 7″


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The origin story is simple: while living in Japan for a few years, Jeff Burke (Radioactivity, Marked Men, The Reds) was lasked to work on a song by local-hero, artist and songwriter Yusuke Okada (Suspicious Beasts, Blotto).
The two instantly became best friends, and what was just a practice space recording project grew to a steady collaboration, and then a band.
Both of them singing and sharing songwriting duties.
Written in Japan in 2011, these two songs came out of their first recording session ever, in Jeff’s apartment in Japan.
Pure power pop experimentation with dreamy, etheral, often-acoustic ´60s pop-influzenced songs. The tempo may be slower than the most of these two´s sonic output, but the melodies are just as crushing as ever, the songwriting crafted with precision, and the emotion all too relevant.

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