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The european hardcore-punk spearhead combines forces to form a two-headed bastard for a split single on Spastic Fantastic Records, that delivers 7 tracks for all lovers of ripped shirts and pissed pants. The songs of SUNPOWER could easily be grabbed from Jello Biafra‘s Dawanda shop: a self crocheted wool blend cardigan out of NEW BOMB TURKS, ANGRY SAMOANS and POISON IDEA sewing cotton, that smells like swedisch woods and american suburb garages: fuel soaked lumberjack wear for the kids of today. Way more cynical do CHEAP DRUGS appear on the black screen with the reflections of today‘s downfall: „No border control, let them in!“. REAGAN YOUTH mixed with mangy midtempo-d-beat and complex 80ies-hardcore. A ratty CIRCLE JERKS patch on old US army camo shorts. Everything delivered with passion and enthusiasm in spite of their intransigence. Both bands play their role in nowadays punk scene with a knowledge, how to kick peoples asses.

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