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YOR is a Hamburg, Germany based crust-grind quartet with a clear agenda: Outspokenly anarchist, antifascist and intersectional feminist, they leave no place for non-political, ultra-macho and frankly unsubstantial attitudes in the DIY music community.

While not taking themselves too serious, their lyrical themes range from deeply internal struggles over drug users´ rights tothe absolute failure of radiacal leftwing communities to adequately address all forms of violence. Yet, their music is not just a creative output and personal catharsis, it´s still a great joy to make an to listen to. It´s still a punk band, not bending to any rules and norms from the music business and mainstream society.

YOR is named after a character from Michael Ende´s “The Neverending Story”. Yor is the picture miner of Minroud, a mine from which he excavates dream pictures which make up the soil of the world, Fantastica.

Self-titled tape with a play time of 13:12 minutes, featuring 8 tracks.
One sided tape, individually spray painted.

Limited to:
25 x purple
25 x rose pink

This package includes:
1 x Tape
1 x hand screened patch on organic cotton
1 x A3 poster
1 x sticker pack

Gewicht n. v.

pink, purple

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