Utopian – Demo Tape


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Utopian came out of nowhere and got my attention immediately. They are based in Los Angeles and play a versatile mixture of punk which doesn’t bore me out. Mystic and fiery punk on this demo tape – I am sure you will dig it too.

The thick, meaty playing in combination with these super straightforward arrangements generate quite a lot of power. They blending aspects of 1980s Italian, Brazilian, Spanish and North American punk with other diverse elements into one great 6-song tape. Dark and claustrophobic, with echoing sharp guitars, galloping drums, and great vocals you believe every word.

The sound is dense, frantic, and layered, and despite the fact that it’s super raw and punk, it’s one of my favorites record to turn up really loud and zone out to while I notice all of the subtle layers in the music. If you like that weird, raw, art, anarcho and catchy style of punk sound that keeps the listener at arm’s length you’ll flip for this.

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