NUCLEAR SPRING – Discography Tape


Nicht vorrätig

No need for a long introduction into the mad world of NYC’s Nuclear Spring. Since the first demo tape released back in the 2011, the band had spawned one 12″, a Euro tour 7″ and one of their live radio session tracks appeared on Maximum Rocknroll’s Sound The Alarms! compilation.

The band lasted only three years, and while the band members moved on to form La Misma, Ajax, Exotica, Vanity and tons of other great bands, Nuclear Spring left their mark as one of those bands that had perfectly captured the sound of British suburbs circa 1977-82 whilst adding some freshness and originality to it. All of their releases remain modern classics for sure, at least in our opinion, cause this band definitely had something to say.

The discography tape contains all of the mentioned releases plus one unreleased track!

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