NEON LIES – s/t Tape


Nicht vorrätig

Neon Lies is a sick new solo project of Goran Lautar, the guitarist and the man responsible for the vocals, lyrics, recordings and hocus pocus behind the dystopian brooding garage rock group Modern Delusion.

Started in 2015 as a lo-fi minimal synth bedroom project, Neon Lies has evolved into a full time project and one man live act. Neon Lies live performances are always intense and manic, backed by lo-fi synths, a drum machine and a vintage 4-track. No guitars whatsoever!

If you like the weirdness of early Tuxedomoon, electronic industrial proto-punk sounds of Suicide or high intensity rawness of the infamous synthpunk pioneers, Screamers, Neon Lies will be your cup of tea.

Recorded by the man himself, the Neon Lies debut tape brings nine songs that reek of anxiety, depression, isolation and post-industrial despair. The ideal soundtrack for drinking cheap wine while making out at the local cemetery.

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