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On one side, we have upstart NYC free-rock duo Maximum Ernst and on the other, masterful journeyman horn specialist Daniel Carter. Daniel has been blowing through his array of horns for over fifty years now. The list of people and ensembles that he has played in over the decades is staggering. Carter was part of the legendary lower Manhattan free jazz scene as epitomized by the classic Wildflowers compilations. An essential component of a group of musicians that includes such luminaries such as David S. Ware and William Parker, Carter has maintained his connection to the foundation of revolutionary “fire music.” But this is only a fraction of what Carter does day in and day out. Daniel Carter plays; anywhere and everywhere, any time and all the time. As part of ‘90s free jazz fire-breathers Test, Carter and compatriots made a name for themselves playing in subway stations around the city. And Carter can still be found playing in stations to this day. His is true underground music. But Carter never limited himself to just “jazz,” even of the outre’ variety. In the 1980s, Carter could be found on stage with bands such as hardcore demi-gods Bad Brains and primal industrial insurrectionists Missing Foundation. In the present, you can find Carter throughout the city, playing with young masters such as Chris Corsano and old sages such as Loren Mazzacane Connors. Which brings us to this wild n’ woolly CD/cassette release on New York City’s Ever/Never Records. Joining forces with the guitar and drum-based Maximum Ernst, Carter gets to let his freak-flag fly high. Here we have five distinct pieces chronicling their collaboration. “Iceflower Shawl and Gulf Stream” opens things up with a deceptively jazz-like intro before eventually melting down like a three mile island. “Whip Lashes or Lava Threads” begins in the eye of the hurricane but pretty soon, the gale winds are whipping your face and the trio have stumbled upon a sound beyond rock and jazz. “Scarcecrows” is a brief respite featuring sharply plucked guitar, lyrical sax work by Carter and a spectral radio signal from another dimension. “Fields Of Honor Flood Seismic Plants” is both the longest title and the longest track on the album. It begins with each musician patiently probing the boundaries until building to its natural conclusion. “The Habits of Leaves”ends the proceedings with a perfect mix of improv clatter and old-fashioned rock power. Maximum Ernst with Daniel Carter is a testament to the rush of creative friction between colliding talents. Open your ears wide. -e/n

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