SWEET REAPER – Microdose 7″


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We´re haunted, on a `Reaper hyperloop since early 2020 and there is no terrestrial exit to this. We´re ready to be shot to the the moon with the SWEET REAPER über-anthems hit machine! Join the ride of this tomb-skating surfpunk addiction! Four new & exclusive songs The microdose effectiveness is proofed in double-blind, placebo-controlled ALIEN SNATCH! rock and roll trials! On the one side of the planet they play “Coward” and the scorching “Liar”, both are from the “Closer Still” album sessions. On the cold side of the moon they play “Drink The Poison” and “Like the way”. It doesnt matter where you spend the dark night, power-pop-psychosis will get you! Killer artwork again by Seth.

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