MAXIMUM ERNST – Time Delay Safe Tape


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In advance of a scintillating 12” EP, Ever/Never perplexes the masses with another Maximum Ernst curveball that is a harbinger of things to come. Like some form of residue from the past, “Signal Thru Flames” blends beats/speech/noise into a morass of ever-shifting shapes. Phases and phrases swan-dive off the 13th floor while cascades of right/wrong sounds slap you silly. Sir Steven Stapleton remixed the Vanity Records catalog? Iykyk. On the flip, the Maximum Ernst duo make like Indiana Jones and Lara Croft unearthing a long-lost Jon Hassell deep cut on “Orb-Like” and then bringing the secrets they learned all the way back home via the classical strain of “Glass Enclosure.” For Time Delay Safe, Maximum Ernst went stark raving mad in the Fourth World so that you could leave your body safe on the couch.

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