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Cloud punk straight outta St. Petersburg, Russia. Guys play the mix of hardcore punk, psychedelic rock, flavored with wild guitar solos, from Russia with punk. Fake Fun toured a lot in Russia, but also in Finland and made totally bizarre Indonesian tour in March 2020. Yes, it was during the beginning of the pandemic. Luckily, they all came back to Russia, not without problems, to put out their first full format Self-Titled release, which also came out on CDs and Tapes. As a collaboration of the band members and friends, Lobotomia Records and City To City Records from St. Petersburg and new record label from Hamburg, Brainwasher Records, we decided to put out this LP, Side A includes Self-Titled Release (came out in September 2020), Side B – first demo release, which was out in 2018. LP is available in 3 different colors: black, white-red, black-red.

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black, red w/black splatter, white/red

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