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The third album of Chain & The Gang, released in 2012, has an attractive wild card: Katie Alice Greer – the charismatic singer of the Priests takes over the second voice in all songs. And no matter whether she just blurts out a pointed “Yeah!” or takes over the song completely, as in “Free Will” – her presence is palpable in the room. “In Cool Blood” has become a kind of Bonnie & Clyde, or Nancy & Lee album: adventurous, sexy and quite convinced of itself. The balance between the two different voices is perfectly balanced, the songs are casual but to the point. It’s less about fighting capitalism this time and more about living out personal freedom. “Heavy Breathing” celebrates the joys of late-night phone sex; “Free Will” Greer sings with snotty self-confidence, as if she had just given an encroaching guy a painful kick in the soft parts: “I don’t believe in free will. I just do what I feel, that is the deal, I don’t believe in free will”. Connoisseurs will surely hear echoes of the Delmonas or Holly Golightly. It’s hard not to like this mixture of lurking garage rock and ironic poses and confessions. Chain & The Gang have created their own world with this, a fiercely bubbling petri dish of songs and stories that brings together the past and future of rock’n’roll. “Not for the weak of heart or the slow of brain, “In Cool Blood” is for the hot of blood, the quick of temper, and the hard of sleeping. Recorded in a spontaneous, ad lib session of dream led automatic writing/rocking, “In Cool Blood” was made at a Surrealist stomp session in the bowls of Olympia.” – CHAIN & THE GANG manager Johnny Sincere

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