RAT´S EYES – Moscow Cyberjail EP – Digital

Rat’s Eyes – future punx from Moscow. “Moscow Cyberjail” is a single from their upcoming LP, which will be released in Winter/Spring 2022 by No Spirit Records & Brainwasher Records.

NOS#021 CHAIN WHIP – Demo 2020 LP

CHAIN WHIP from Vancouver, Canada released this demo recordings in July 2020 via Bandcamp as well as on a limited tape run. These recordings weren´t originally intended to be released on vinyl as some of the songs have been re-recorded to be released on CHAIN WHIP’s upcoming LP “Two Step To Hell”. Now, No Spirit is doing a one-time pressing of the “Demo 2020” on 180g vinyl with a limited run of 500 pieces. 200 copies will be on clear blue vinyl and 300 on classic black vinyl.

NOS#020 NAILED IN – Shovel LP

NAILED IN is a four piece from Zagreb that formed in 2014. They play fast and pissed off hardcore punk with strong DIY ethics and a firm political message. Their s/t EP was released through the Vienna-based label Hardcore for the Losers. After a couple of european tours and numerous shows around the region the band went back into the studio in 2020 to record their debut LP ‘Shovel’. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ivan Jakić, ‘Shovel’ brings 10 songs of short and angry hardcore that delve into subjects like self-criticism, local hardcore scene, religion, homophobia, corporate and social hypocrisy.

The record is co-released by DHP/AK47, Mad Schnauzer, Hardcore For The Losers and No Spirit.

NOS#024 KLEYMO – 2020 MC

Kleymo (клеймо) are from Hamburg and spent the last three years in their practice room. They played their first and so far only show in the beginning of 2020, just a few weeks before the pandemic hit. Their first release contains 10 raw and dark hardcore punk songs that deal with things that happened in 2019/2020 and generally living in theses dark times. The lyrics are written in three different languages: English, Russian and German.

Co-release between Brainwasher Records and No Spirit.
The Tape-Version is limited to 75 copies


After their last EP “…was it six or five shots?” in summer 2019, RULES from Zagreb now put out 4 more brandnew songs on this split release! They stick with their dirty rocking HC/Punks-sound, though this time the songs are slightly more influenced by stoner and noise-rock. Recorded and mixed on a 4-track recorder by Goran Lautar of NEON LIES and MODERN DELUSION who also helped bands such as DEATH ROW GROUPIES, INDIKATOR B and CELETOIDS to sound amazing on their records.

ANTISOCIAL SKILLS from Prague released their first self-titled 7″ in 2017. Their sound is more in the vein of 80ies influenced midtempo HC/Punk with somewhat rocking elements. They added 10 songs to this record whose lyrics reflect on the solitude and hopelessness in modern society.

The Split LP is limited to 300 copies on black vinyl and is a co-release of MAD SCHNAUZER, BURINA RECORDS and NO SPIRIT.

NOS#018 OMA OKLAHOMA – Normalnull MC

OMA OKLAHOMA from Hamburg started in the beginning of 2019 and play post-punk with german lyrics, inspired by bands like TURBOSTAAT, KEELE, MONOCHROME or DAWNBREED. “Normalnull” is their first EP and contains 6 songs. The tape-version comes with an orange tape and a downloadcode!

NOS#017 BIJOU IGITT – Jetzt auch als Podcast! MC

The new BIJOU IGITT EP is titled “Jetzt auch als Podcast!” and comes as a colorful work of art with hand-painted labels. On the cassette itself there are 8 punk songs that describe the general madness of our society today and attack the wannabe alternative comfort bubble. Limited to 100 cassettes. SOLD OUT!

NOS#016-1 PAROLE 80 – Demo MC

Parole 80 is a four piece Punk-Band out of Vienna. Their style can be considered as a combination of early 80s UK-Punk and rough Oi-Punk. Most of the songs have croation lyrics which gives their music a raw sound. The demotape includes five songs recorded in autum 2019.


SEE.MORE.GLASS is a post-punk, new wave band from Hamburg formed in 2014 and influenced by bands like “early” THE CURE, NEW ORDER or INTERPOL.

Their first EP “tomorrow” was released in 2016 and we did a second edition on cassette in 2018, both are sold out. In summer 2019 the band recorded eight tracks for their first LP “running” at the Off Ya Tree Studio in Hamburg. “running” is a dark, atmospheric record, much more complex than the “tomorrow” recordings and every song stands for itself. The idea of the record was to create something that sounds like an old movie soundtrack.


MILEY SILENCE are a brand new hardcore punk band from Hamburg that just formed in 2019. The eight tracks on their very first release are raw, dirty and keep it simple with shouted vocals and midtempo beats. 100 copies of golden cassettes with lyric insert and download card. SOLD OUT!


Recorded in our reheasal room in Hamburg in June 2019.
Mixed and mastered by Fabian at Sunsetter Studio, Bremen (www.sunsetterstudio.com).

Recorded in summer 2019 in our reheasal room. Mixed and mastered by Will Killingsworth/Dead Air Studios (deadairstudios.com).

Graphic and Artwork by Nikita Bürger (www.instagram.com/nikita.buerger).


Split 7″ EP with NUEVA GENERACION (Murcia/Spain) and BETTER OFF DEAD (Angers,Paris/France). After a couple of EPs and their last LP, NUEVA GENERACION are coming up with two new songs. Musically they still play energetic straight-forward punkrock with some postpunk elements.

BETTER OFF DEAD released a few EPs, one LP and are now back with also two new songs on this record! They play powerful melodic/melancholy punk rock that is absolutely worth your full attention.

The record comes in a screen-printed folder!

Co-released by: Andalucia Über Alles, Colilla, Destructure, Different Kitchen, Donnez-Moi Du Feu, Extinction, General Strike, No Spirit, Tormenta De Idea, Tranzophobia.


Debut LP of this punk duo from Hamburg. Vinyl version is limited to 200 copies!

NOS#011 JARADA – Ma´agal Sina´a 12″

After a debut full-lenght record a year ago Jarada already crafted eight new brickwalls for a new one sided 12″!

This Israeli band from Tel Aviv continues to deliver angry, punching and chaotic music to the table, with some really bleak and negative overtones that are intertwined with hebrew lyrics that are mixture of personal thoughts with some politics thrown in!

Ma’agal Sina’a means “A Circle of Hate” in hebrew and is a natural follow up to the earlier S/T 12″ and it deals with several issues which you can consider as “current events” from the past year and it also digs deeper into the emotional struggles and choices one needs to make to keep his or her shit together. On the one hand it may seem more cultural-political with songs like “Monopoly on Suffering” and “A Jewish State is a Circle of Hate” and on the other hand way more personal, with a self questioning and soul searching (“Riddance”, “I Was in the Army”).

As on the first record, you can expect fierceful vocals, chrushing hardcore riffs and plenty scraps of everything thats great about heavier side of punk music in the last decade.

Punx For Peace – a benefit compilation – Digital

This is a benefit compilation to show our solidarity with the people and the revolution in Rojava. A big thank you goes out to all the bands on this compilation and all people who support this! All the money earned through this compilation was donated to the humanitarian aid organization Cadus.

NOS#010 RULES – …was it six or five shots? 7″

RULES first 7″ EP called: “…was it six or five shots?” is out. Six rocking HC/Punk slashers with personal lyrics focusing on the darker side of the mind from this four piece HC/Punk unit resident in Zagreb, Croatia.

This Record is limited to 500 copies on black vinyl and is a co-release with MAD SCHNAUZER, HC4LOSERS and DHP AK47.

NOS#009 BAD AFFAIR – Demo 2019 MC

BAD AFFAIR were born in what is probably the mouldiest basement in Hamburg and are deeply rooted in the city’s DIY swamp. Their sound can be best described as melodic punk with garage and hardcore influences and somewhere between bands like NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS, REGULATIOS and DEAN DIRG. The lyrics are pissed off, political and depressed. Involved are members of LOSER YOUTH, KAPOT, BRAINDEAD and VITAMIN X.


Hamburg is not only home to the techno gods of Scooter, but also to Scooter Kids Must Die. They are a fairly new band that plays fast, forward-thinking HC/punk with a good dose of nihilism. Apart from music, all four of them are also connected by skating – which is the explanation for their name. Tape is limited to 100 copies

NOS#007 NO SPIRIT – Compilation Vol.III MC

This tape compilation was limited to 150 copies. A big thank you goes out to Ivana Bugarinovic for the artwork and all the bands on this compilation! SOLD OUT!

NOS#006 KRANK – Heizungskeller EP MC

Back to the roots!
The Heizungskeller Demo EP was recorded by Joao & Stulle at the winter solstice 2o18 / 2o19 at ‘Schrottmusikkabuff Wiedenbrück’. D.I.Y. like 2o12, when everything started. Limited to 100 copies. SOLD OUT!

NOS#005 AS A DAGGER – Know Your Hate MC

AS A DAGGER is a solo project by Joao Azevedo. This Demo contains 6 songs full of hate, violence plus two cover songs of two oldschool punk classics! Limited to 100 copies.

NOS#004 JARADA – s/t LP

Jarada means anxiety in hebrew and this name perfectly captures the bleak sound the band is going for, in these thirteen tracks full of angry, chaotic and forceful hardcore sound!

As for the lyrics, the band was sick of boring, mostly apolitical music, sung in english, so they decided to remind the punks around the globe that punk is a political movement in every way and since the main source of frustration was the current situation in Israel there were no reasons to sing in another language except their own.

The band is heavily influenced by radical leftist and anarchist politics, political apathy in Israel and older Israeli bands such as Deir Yassin and Nekhei Naatza. Also, if you like Negative Approach guitar hooks or some recent hardcore punk bands like Repos or Los Crudos, Jarada will be right up your alley!

This LP is limited to 500 copies and is a co-release with Doomtown Records (Croatia) and Crapoulet Records (France). SOLD OUT!

NOS#003 SEE.MORE.GLASS – Tomorrow MC

Second run of their first record from 2016. Limited to 50 copies! SOLD OUT!

NOS#002 NO SPIRIT – Compilation Vol. II MC

This tape compilation was limited to 222 copies, the cover artwork is by Andrej Karavanic. SOLD OUT!

NOS#001 NO SPIRIT – As Long As There´s Music Compilation MC

This compilation comes together with the 3rd. issue of the NO SPIRIT fanzine. Limited to 100 copies! SOLD OUT!

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