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NO SPIRIT was founded as a fanzine in 2014 in Hamburg by Pan and Karsten. So far, 5 issues and one split-issue (w/ MIND THE GAP) have been published.

Since 2017 we also run a mailorder and label. We started with the first tape compilation “AS LONG AS THERE´S MUSIC” for the 3rd issue of our fanzine. Since then, we have published several compilations as well as other releases by bands on tape and vinyl.


NO SPIRIT is a diy recordlabel and mailorder from Hamburg, Germany since 2017. Specialized in vinyl records and tapes for Punk, Hardcore, Post Punk and more.


Handpainted wallplates and fancy mugs! Unique pieces of upcycled dishware to empower you, break taboos, spread sexpositivity and whatever else comes to my mind. Browse through the products to see what is available. Made by Pan, co-founder of NO SPIRIT.

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